How our career coaches help you land your dream job or grad school

April 1, 2022

One of my favorite resources on campus is our career coaches! This idea was new to me when I came to Augie, but it’s brilliant. The coaches, located in CORE, have their own area of expertise to help you find internships, write résumés or land that dream job or grad school after graduation. And if you’re undecided, no worries; they’ll help you figure out your next steps to success.

1. Start with the easy (but maybe tough) questions

Basically, they start from the beginning to get to the root of where you want to go and why. They ask questions like: what makes you want to go into this field? What brings you joy? What stresses you out?

By starting at the beginning, they get to know what works and what doesn’t for you as a person. Then they can help steer you into an internship, grad school or career that best fits you.

2. Switch if that makes sense for you 

The career coaches each have their own expertise so they can help you carve out the career path you want to pursue — the health sciences, business and marketing, science and technology, arts and social services, or undecided. They cover it all!

Pro tip: If you’re unsure, start with one coach. Talk about your career and life goals, and if you discover you belong in a different field, don’t be afraid to switch coaches. They are all there to help you become the best version of yourself!

3. Make connections

The coaches are here to help you make connections. Connections to your new major or a professor who teaches about your interests and can become a mentor. Connections to our vast alumni network to talk with grads already in the field. Connections and networking are so important to build relationships.

Bonus: They can give you a sneak peek into what you might want to do. And if that makes you change your mind, that’s okay too!

4. Start with the basics

Don’t know how to write a résumé? No problem! They can help with that. Not sure how to prepare for a job or grad school interview? They can help with that too. Not even sure you know what you want to be “when you grow up”? They can help with that!

Bottom line: They will help you however you need help. That’s what they are on this campus to do, and it’s their favorite part of the job!

Want to learn more about each of the coaches, including their favorite Whitey’s order? Check out their profiles or set up a meeting with one of them today!