What to expect at a scholarship competition

Berenice Campos
Berenice Campos
February 4, 2022

You’ve been accepted into the colleges you’ve longed to hear back from and, now, it’s all about scholarships.

So what is a scholarship competition? They are visit days where high school seniors and transfer students visit campus and have opportunities to earn scholarship money. These scholarship visit days are great, not only for extra money, but to get another look at the school. 

What to expect 

First off, come in with an open mind. Regardless of whether you are awarded a scholarship, there is more to take away from your visit to campus.

You have the unique opportunity to compete for scholarships, interact with current college students and other prospective students, and get a better feel for the school. The extra visit could be the deciding factor to finding your home for the next four years! 

Augustana takes pride in making the experience special and interactive so you can get a feel of what we are all about. You can compete for $4,000 in scholarships ($1,000 renewable for four years). Augustana also offers fine arts scholarships these days, but those amounts differ for music, art and theatre.

Should I study for the competition? 

There is no need to study. In fact, there is really no need to prepare — just be yourself. The best piece of advice is to just come with the intention of simply enjoying yourself and exploring campus, and who knows, possibly walking away with some extra money for college tuition. 

How exactly does it work? 

The Departmental Open House and Scholarship Competition works similarly to a regular college visit. You will tour campus, interact with students and staff, make a quick stop at the dining hall for lunch, and, of course, participate in the scholarship competition. You get to choose which department you're most interested in. Each department does the competition portion differently. 

When I competed in the scholarship competition, I was undecided on which major I wanted to pursue. My undecided group was asked to compose a short essay; the topic changes every year. We were given a time frame to complete this essay and that concluded our competition portion of the day.

Other departments may ask you to take a short exam to test your knowledge on a given topic or be assessed in another way.

This may sound nerve-racking or intense, but I promise it is very laid back. As long as you try your best, I know you'll enjoy your time on campus.  

My top tips 

  • Sign-up for the competition and use your time on campus as a regular visit. 
  • While on campus, ask all the questions you have been wondering or might be too nervous to ask your admissions counselor. That's what they are there — ask away! 
  • Interact with current students and other visiting students. Hearing diverse perspectives from current students may help you get a better idea of what Augie’s all about

Relax, take a deep breath and have fun discovering all the great opportunities here for you at Augustana College. I can’t wait to see you on campus!

Berenice Campos
Berenice Campos

Berenice Campos from DePue, Ill., is a senior majoring in business management, marketing and Spanish for professional use. She is involved in Chi Alpha Pi sorority, Camp Kesem and Buhos (ESL). Berenice is also an Admissions ambassador.